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Pure Sesame Oil | 星期二特写: 纯麻油 | English Subtitles | Oh Aik Guan Pure Sesame Oil since 1938

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Welcome to the heritage trail of Pure Sesame Oil with Oh Aik Guan Food Industrial, documented by MediaCorp. Sesame Oil is one of the most traditional culinary oil. The almighty Sesame Oil has nourishing effects on one's health. As a family business, Oh Aik Guan has accumulated a massive wealth of expertise through four generations. For over 80 years, Oh Aik Guan Food Industrial has shown their family's unwavering commitment towards producing nutritious Sesame oil for good health benefits. The art of perfecting sesame oil is as rooted as the family tree in Oh Aik Guan.

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