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Sesame Oil Exports, Wholesale and Distribution

With our Sesame oil export to many countries, Oh Aik Guan has in-depth understanding
of serving the various markets across continents. We believe in adopting the best practice in researching
and formulating the best quality sesame oil to serve the varying taste requirements and comply with
the food safety standards from different parts of the world.

Sesame Oil Shipping

As a key manufacturer of sesame oil in the global market, the Company has extended its customisation service to develop house brand product solutions with established supermarket chains. All our supplies have met the stringent requirements worldwide.

Our Global Business Network

Indonesia • Philippines • Hong Kong • Vietnam • New Zealand • United Kingdom • Australia
France • Greece • Poland • Holland • Germany • Belgium • Sweden • Israel • Canada

Sesame Oil Global Network

For export markets:

Oh Aik Guan is ready to serve any of the following user groups:


Oil Trading

Food Quality,

Safety, Packaging &

Delivery Commitment


Distributors – Overseas Distribution

Flagship Brands

of Gu Ding & Jin Ding for Home users


Industrial Food Processing

Research Support for Product Development



Distribution of sesame oil

for Trade users


Supermarket Leader

Customisation for House Brand Product Solutions



Special Blends with Customised Packaging


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